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History of Our Tournament

The Midwest Indoor Challenge Cup was established in 2004 by the Cincinnati Centurions as a competitive, co-ed indoor tournament in the midwest region.  Attracting teams from all over the country and across the pond (including folks from our sister club, Durham City FHC), the MICC is held annually in mid-February and features two days of exciting, high-level indoor hockey!


Interested in joining us for next year's tournament? Contact us here. 


2020: Cincinnati Centurions

2019: Cincinnati Centurions

2018: Pittsburgh SteelStyx

2017: Bram United (formerly known as Cleveland)

2016: Cleveland

2015: Cleveland

2014: Cincinnati Centurions

2013: OSU

2012: Cleveland

2011: Chicago

2010: ACE (formerly known as COFHC)

2009: Central Ohio Field Hockey Club



2006: Cleveland Continental Fusion

2005: Cincinnati Centurions

2004: Cincinnati Centurions